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Tobias Alexander was formed in Birmingham, where he enjoyed music from an early age.

During a dubious secondary schooling he took refuge in the music dept and was promptly faced being classically trained on flute and experienced taking part in many many concerts and recitals.

He taught himself drums and went on to join various bands and artists. During a break from education Tobias earned the opportunity to gig and record in local, and national, recording studios and venues.

Tobias then went on to study music performance at The Academy of Music and Sound in his hometown, Birmingham. Off the back of this experience Tobias toured the country and delved further into the music industry dealing with Record Labels, Music Lawyers, national tours, work abroad, and having projects he'd recorded with played on a number of national and international radio stations. He also cut his teeth as a teacher at Pro-Drum academy, which in the later stages he also managed and ran.

Tobias went on to live in Paris where he worked full-time as a session musician.

On his return to the UK, Tobias returned to music education at the Academy of Music and Sound in Birmingham gaining both a Foundation Degree and a 1st class Bachelor of Arts degree.

Tobias has since worked for a record label managing their A+R "talent scout" team of 20 people, and gained teaching positions at The Academy of Music and Sound Birmingham (and on occasion, Swindon), The Bristol Rock Centre and now holds a position of Drum Tutor at the ACM Birmingham campus.

Tobias continues to play and record with many artists, and after a move to Bristol for several years, followed by a recent relocation to London, this list is ever growing.

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